Here are some of the projects I’ve worked on.

Eurovision parody stage show

Dalziel on stage as the presenter, with convention mascots Mausie and Iris.

I wrote and performed the opening ceremony of NordicFuzzCon 2020; a parody of the Eurovision Song Contest. The stage show also included live singers performing four different songs that I wrote. Listen to them below:

You Wouldn’t Stand Out Amongst A Crowd – A disco song critical of those who are popular for wearing a fursuit regardless of whether or not they have anything of worth to say.
The Greatest Injustice Of All Mankind – An industrial song seemingly about all the bad things in the world, until the chorus reveals the singer to be a whining teenager.
On The Hunt For Cheese – A parody of “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. The song was written for the character Mausie who loves cheese.
Pouncing UwU Goodbye – A parody of “Dancing Lasha Tumbai” by Verka Serduchka, Ukraine’s popular Eurovision entry in 2007. The song is equal parts energetic, flamboyant, and cringey. The lyrics mostly comprise slightly adult furry lingo.

Instanssi compo entries

Every year I participate in the music compo at the Instanssi demoparty. The contest allows people to submit a new, unreleased, original song, and attendees vote for those they like. Most years I collect a trophy or certificate for my songs.

Kagawa Kochi Tokushima Ehime (ALL MY POWER!!) (2020). A song in the style of an anime intro, complete with Japanese lyrics and live drumming.
(You’ve Got To) Hold On (2019). A motivational and inspirational song that wouldn’t be out of place in a training montage in an 80s movie.
Drifting Fantasy (2018). A eurobeat song about trying to get someone to notice you. And driving fast.
Race to the Finish (2017). A eurobeat song about growing up and proving yourself. And driving fast.


For several years I have written music for various videos and events at NordicFuzzCon, a furry convention in Sweden. Below is a small selection:

Marching band music written to fit the theme reveal animation video (2020).
Winter with You (Remix) (2019). A wild, high energy dance remix of a calm, winter-themed song written for the convention.
Go NFC Go! (Remix) (2017). A eurobeat remix of the convention’s theme song for the year, fitting with the Japanese theme.
Fursuit Charades Countdown (2019). A short piece of action music used for the fursuit charade events.
Opening Ceremony Theme (2019). A parody of the classic Disney movie opening music.
Opening Ceremony Theme (Short) (2019). A parody of the classic Disney Home Video music.

Finnish Game Jam 2020

I wrote music for “Strolling in the Rain“; my first game jam project. I created a main theme which I then arranged in a variety of ways to suit different environments in the game. Each piece of music (other than the title screen) loops. A lot of music was created in a very short space of time.

Title screen
Ancient Japan
Main theme
Classical (actually Baroque…)
Dance (actually trance…)


Here are things that don’t fit anywhere else.

A short, looping instrumental track in the style of the music from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.
A cheesy jingle for the radio station Instanssi Radio.
A looping deep house track produced as background music for visuals.